12 Days of Sharing Christmas Memories Day 1

2017 12 Days of Sharing Christmas Memories Day 1 Christmas memories live in our hearts forever—sometimes they are the highlights and joys of life—sometimes they’re not. Our family Christmas’s were available and part traditional and part unique. They were exciting and sometimes challenging. I’ll do my best to remember more as we go… I’ve mentioned […]

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Happy Birthday to (Mother) Janet Barnes in Heaven

Happy Birthday Mother… remembering, sharing and knowing her unstoppable spirit and determined life. In this short birthday video I hope I find words to let you too know her love of life and belief that nothing was impossible with determination.  Mother has always, and I’m pretty sure it would be true now, believed in doing all […]

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Episode 10, 90-POUND HEAVYWEIGHT Podcast is on iTunes

Preserving a Legacy through Photographs In this episode we learn more about Janet’s philosophy and beliefs about preserving history through photographs. She said in specific context that she believed “photographs last longer than people” and she valued them! Today’s talk ponders the way that families, loved-one’s and friends can help preserve a legacy and share […]

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