About the Author


With sincerity and vulnerability Angela Barnes writes from her heart. Her poetry and songs are a mixture of hurts and fears – sometimes caustic – to a transcendence of hopefulness through uplifting and awe-inspiring language.

She shares her life journey of growing up in a household where both parents were “differently abled” (quadriplegic and paraplegic). She shares how poetry served as an avenue through which she could visit her pain, frustrations, shame, anger and guilt feelings. She found that poetry gave her an internal voice which later led to an emerging willingness to reveal a voice of authenticity.

In writing about her mother’s extraordinary life with a fierce determination and will to live fully, regardless of appearances, (90-pound heavyweight) Angela found in herself a deep compassion not only for her mother, but for all others who were in pain because of their circumstances. She began experiencing life both as an observer and participant.

After years of expressing her feelings through poetry (over five decades), and later documenting her mother’s exceptional life, she realized the awesome power of her own voice. She began understanding the healing power of speaking the truth boldly even when it was soul-paining. She farther realized that each event she encountered shaped her life–resulting in the emergence of a new and dynamic voice–one that is empowered and empowering.

Angela’s desire now is that her words may serve as a catalyst for others to find their own innate power to live life more fully in peace and joy.