What does 90-pound heavyweight mean?

Who or what is a 90-pound heavyweight?

My mother, Janet Barnes is a 90-pound heavyweight. It is also the title of a tribute book that shares her words, story and life in vignette. The title describes a 90-pound woman who demonstrates daily a strength and spirit that is unstoppable. She says she lives on determination. I believe her.

Why is this significant?

Because she is the Guinness World Record holder for being the longest living quadriplegic (incomplete) and she is the oldest living quad. Having been born with a broken neck she has been a quadriplegic her entire life and yet says “I have not been handicapped by my condition. I am physically challenged and differently able.”

Incomplete quadriplegic means that she has some small movement vs. being totally paralyzed. It also means she experiences pain, itching or other sensations and cannot move to correct them.

Why are you hearing about this?

Shortly after being confirmed by Guinness World Records mother experienced a horrific accident that nearly cost her life and literally broke just about every bone in her body. She was 83 at the time and surgeons said “there’s no book written on her”. They doubted she could survive. In fact she received the ‘last rights’ three times.  She recovered and healed all fractures. She got off a ventilator two times and she remained positive in her zest for life and independence until her death September 9, 2013, one month before her 85th birthday.