Meet Janet Barnes the longest living quadriplegic
(incomplete) recorded in the Guinness World Records.

Life is full of challenges, right? Sometimes it may seem you're carrying more than most. In times of prolonged stress your body and soul will waste away if you do not nurture and nourish them. We think we can help.  The Janet Barnes Legacy Foundation is here to support you in the specific opportunities inherent in challenges. 

How to make the most of trying times so that it blesses you and your world.

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About the Author: Angela Barnes

Angela Barnes is a published author, poet, and song writer, and a powerful and candid speaker. This site is dedicated to the life and legacy of her mother, Janet Barnes. She regularly speaks on Janet Barnes and is available for speaking events. Angela also has her own writing and poetry-focused website at

Rave Feedback

A five star read!

Amazing story of an incredible woman, challenged her entire life by physical disabilities. ALL of which she overcame with the most positive attitude and her quest to live a normal life like anyone else. Janet's story has proved to me that nothing is beyond reach if you just go for it! This is definitely a five star read!

Vaneese Shaw

Amazing Loving Life Story that inspires

Amazing Loving Life Story that inspires. I will carry Janet with me. You have created a Beautiful Tribute to this remarkable woman and you inspire me. Thank you for this gift.

Angela Jett Realtor

You, as you are, can accomplish anything you sincerely desire

Janet epitomizes the meaning of strength. As I read Mrs. Barnes' life story, the power of both heart and mind as well as the enduring human spirit came alive. It appears that she knew, without a doubt, that there was a real purpose for her life. And further, that God was her strength.

Reverend Annie P. Clark Founder of the Radiance Center for Spiritual Living

Riveting story of a woman who never gave up

90-pound heavyweight is an unforgettable book. When you read Janet Barnes' story of courage, triumph, and perseverance you will be inspired and emboldened. This book is more than a moving tribute by grateful daughter. It is riveting story of a woman who never gave up and refused to be a victim. The biographical chapters were fascinating.

Lynne Klippel Lynne Klippel, Best Selling Author of Overcomers, Inc.

Amazing story of courage and determination

Angela Barnes writes with passion, clarity, and a deep compassion as she tells this amazing story of courage and determination so close to her heart.

Rev. Edwenes Gaines Author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

A relentless drive to accomplish her goals

For those of us who have inspired to have a career serving others in healthcare related activities this tiny lady’s story should be studied carefully. In the interactions with our patients and their families we need to stop and take the time to get to know them well. By doing this, we will be better providers, our patients will have better outcomes, and we will develop a better understanding of the importance of the human side of medicine.

Dr. John P. Lynch Professor Medicine - Chief Medical Officer - Vice-President, Barnes-Jewish Hospital