Book Overview: 90-pound Heavyweight

Determination_edited-1This book tells of the strength, determination, perseverance and faith of my mother, a physically frail woman who was born a quadriplegic and how she overcame many obstacles, and towered over her universe.  It tells how she used her mind to learn, to work, to become  a wife and mother—while being in her words “differently able” rather than handicapped.

This book tells of her journey through life facing every challenge with the attitude that where there is a will, God will provide the way. Mother said “there is nothing beyond determination”—and she lived it. She survived and thrived a life where many hero’s and giants would topple if presented with her daily challenge. She did the impossible everyday.

This book encourages and inspires others who are also “differently able” and those considered ‘normally able’ to pursue their dreams—to uncover and utilize their talents. And it calls for care givers, educational institutions and facilities to be even more compassionate and determined to value and acknowledge the true worth of every individual—no matter what their age or physical condition is.

Mother raised the bar. I believe the gravest disease of society is lack of expectation. I hope this book will challenge us all to expect more and do more.

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