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Prologue from
My Life by Janet Barnes

Janet Barnes, a 90-pound heavyweight, is the story of an unstoppable woman whose outlook on life was living to the fullest, even though she was a quadriplegic from birth.


In this book excerpt you will experience her indomitable spirit:

1. Discover how sheer determination, strong faith, and a relentless spirit can create everyday miracles.

2. Experience the independent career woman, poet, artist, wife, and mother who inspired everyone she met.

3. Learn how she inspired the medical professionals in her world to value the life and wisdom of every person regardless of age or condition.

Her story is encouraging and uplifting and it will invite you to explore how you can soar through your life challenges no matter what.

Angela Barnes is a published author, poet, and song writer, and a powerful and candid speaker. She generously shares her candor and stark naked truth about life with humor and honor. Angela is a creative catalyst who loves engaging with audiences and hosting healing writing workshops, virtually and in person.

A former non-profit administrator and a real estate entrepreneur, Angela has a BS in Business and a Master’s in Public Administration. She has published 3 books and is a member with the St Louis Writers Guild and the St. Louis Publishers Association. She loves to travel, write, walk, and cook, especially with her love and life partner, Bob.​

A mosaic of statements, pictures and poetry.

Donna Lowich Senior Information Specialist

I enjoyed reading about your mother's wonderful life! It is a mosaic of statements, pictures and poetry that blend to present a portrait of your mom--someone who never allowed obstacles to block her way to getting things accomplished! Your inclusion of her poetry provide glimpses into her philosophy that has allowed her to succeed in life. I feel as though I know your mom through your book!

Amazing story of courage and determination

Rev. Edwenes Gaines Author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

Angela Barnes writes with passion, clarity, and a deep compassion as she tells this amazing story of courage and determination so close to her heart.

An angel born to teach.

Bobby Lewis, Shiloh IL

Your mother was an angel, one who was born to teach by God himself. Thank you for telling us her story.