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Preserving a Legacy through Photographs In this episode we learn more about Janet’s philosophy and beliefs about preserving history through photographs. She said in specific context that she believed “photographs last longer than people” and she valued them! Today’s talk ponders the way that families, loved-one’s and friends can help preserve a legacy and share […]

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90-POUND HEAVYWEIGHT with Angela Barnes, Janet Barnes, A Woman of Faith Podcast

  http://traffic.libsyn.com/90pound/auphonic_ready_final_merged_woman_of_faith_podcast_170611.mp3 You can subscribe to iTunes here for immediate notification of new episodes. In today’s episode I’d like to share more about mother. She was a woman of faith. A woman who believed, and before she died, positively a woman of grace. I am sharing a personal letter mother wrote titled ‘A Letter to Barbara–A One Page […]

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