Janet Barnes Legacy Foundation

The Janet Barnes Legacy Foundation was created in 2013 to share the unsinkable, unstoppable, fighting spirit of Janet Barnes,a quadriplegic from birth!


The purpose of this Legacy is threefold, to:

  1. share how sheer determination, faith and a positive outlook can overcome any physical obstacles one may experience.
  2. encourage everyone to look past the “perceived” handicaps and “see” the potential within each person.
  3. serve as a catalyst to include the “human aspect” in medical training and practices and to foster, support and awaken the medical profession to care for the aged and physically challenged as aggressively as they care for the young.


The Legacy Foundation will partner with medical schools, hospitals and organizations to share the life and courage of a quadriplegic who lived a full and productive life for 84-years-eleven-months. Through its website, individuals, as well as caregivers are encouraged to look past the appearance to the potential of every human being. This website offers and encourages viewers to “tell their stories” thus sharing a wealth of knowledge through periodic blogs and progress reports.

100% of the net proceeds from book sales and donations are dedicated to support the work of 90-pound heavyweight Janet Barnes Legacy Foundation.

90-pound heavyweight Janet Barnes Legacy Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.